Creating a Routine For Mothers and Families


Jenny is a homeschooling mama of seven, blogger, speaker, and the creator of the Planner Perfect planners and Method. Her passion is to inspire women to live with purpose and intent; switching focus from task slave to goal aficionado. Her blog, eBook, Planner Perfect planners, and its Method will transform your life by teaching you how to better manage your home, get organized for good, set personal goals, and follow your dreams. Planner Perfect is for women in all seasons of life, and hope to inspire you to be all God created you to be and find joy in everyday life. Jenny also has a tasty food blog, full of meals made from scratch, kid friendly, and fabulous meal tips to keep you organized in your kitchen. Jenny’s blogs are full of homeschooling and organizing tips, kid-friendly meals, how to set goals, resources for moms, and chalked full of inspiration to live with intent. You can find Jenny at and

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