Interview with Daniele Evans from Domestic Serenity

Daniele Evans



Daniele is just a woman on a journey towards intentional and meaningful living, which simply means she is trying to live according to my priorities.  She is wildly eclectic in many areas, but deeply committed to my faith, home and family.

She loves Jesus and find Him alone to be the answer to true serenity.

She is wife to one amazing man, and her best friend & confidant.  As a team, they pastor a congregation.

She is also Mama to five kiddos {3 girls, 2 boys} :: out-of-highschooler to preschooler, and they are a homeschooling family. Oh, and she is Nia to one rambunctious little guy.

She serves on Home Educating Family magazine‘s team of contributing writers and she review homeschool curriculum & helps for The Curriculum Choice (an excellent site of reviews!)

She is also a contributing writer for The Better Mom and Free Homeschool Deals, and serves on the advisory team of More to Be, a wonderful site about mentoring.

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  1. I am so glad to see Daniele getting even more of an audience. She truly lives this peace idea; you can sense it in her very presence. I consider her a friend, and an inspiration. Thanks, HOTM!!!


    admin Reply:

    I just became aware of her ministry recently and what a blessing it has been. Please always feel free to share people who share an HOTM heart with us…and THANKS SO MUCH Belinda for being with HOTM for such a long time. It is much appreciated.

    Lori Lane


  2. “Homeschooling high school is about so much more than academics” – LOVE this!
    As a mom preparing to begin leading children through the high school years I thank you for this reminder!

    Thanks so much for sharing at the Finishing Strong Link-up!


    admin Reply:

    I’m so glad this was a blessing. It certainly was a blessing to me to have the opportunity to interview Daniele. Thanks for the comment and for being a part of HOTMonline!


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